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£500 of much-needed food and toiletries delivered to Poland

Mike and Maggie Boyes spent £500 of the money raised by North Cotswolds Rotary on much-needed food items and some toiletries to support Ukrainian refugees in Poland. Over the weekend Tesco at Stow had been collecting items donated by customers specifically for Ukraine, and these were very kindly added to the items we purchased. Everything was packed into green plastic boxes for ease of carriage, also kindly donated by Tesco.

The boxes were taken to Bourton Vale Equine Clinic and from there by lorry to Poland. This was the 4th lorry carrying goods for refugees in Poland - organised by Greg and Lorraine Staniek from Little Rissington with generous support from Bourton Vale Equine Clinic.

Many thanks to Nelson and Yvonne at Tesco for all their support and to everyone locally who donated money or food and toiletries at Tesco in Stow. 


North Cotswolds Rotary Raises £7,000 for Ukraine

On Saturday March 5th members of North Cotswolds Rotary held a street collection in Bourton-on-the-Water.  On the day a total of £2,647 was donated.  Subsequently we have had several donations from the public including £535 from Stow Rugby Club and £1,000 from Rotary in the Rissingtons.  Members of North Cotswolds Rotary have also donated their member subscriptions and with Gift Aid the total amount raised has now reached £7,000.


The money will go directly to support the women and children fleeing the warzone in Ukraine.  £500 will be used to purchase long shelf-life food, plus toiletries and medicines.  These will be shipped by lorry to the town of Ustron in southern Poland, where a local Cotswolds resident has a house.  She is currently working directly with Polish authorities there to ensure that urgently needed aid is given to Ukrainian refugees seeking accommodation and shelter in that town.  Donated goods destined for Poland are being sorted by a team of volunteers and boxed up ready for transport at Bourton Vale Equine Clinic.


The rest of the money will go to the Rotary Foundation UK (RFUK) Disaster Response Fund that will provide funds to Rotary clubs and Districts in the countries immediately affected by the influx of refugees e.g. Poland, Moldova, Slovakia etc. Money will also be made available to areas further afield, including some in the UK, that will be taking in refugees in due course.

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