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Letters from our Charities

This message from Sue Ryder Leckhampton is why we love to see what a little help from Rotary can do:

“Thank you so very much for your donation raised from your charity night. This could pay for over 72 hours of expert care. Your gift will go directly towards the care that we provide to our patients at Leckhampton Court Hospice, as well as out in the community across Gloucestershire.

We can’t give a person at the end of their life more time. But we can make that time better with our expert, compassionate care, by taking away the pain and the struggle, and through supporting their loved ones every step of the way. Our services are free to anyone who needs them.

You have helped us to be there for more people when it matters, ensuring the end of someone’s life is filled with the things that matter – like spending time with loved ones, sharing stories and memories and filling their final days with love. At the end of life, every moment with our loved ones counts.”

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