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Lorraine and Greg Staniek set up Project Lifeline to support people affected by the war in Ukraine with essential humanitarian aid. Their  rapid response meant that within 8 days of the war breaking out they had collected enough donations of food, clothing, medicine and more to fill an articulated lorry bound for Poland.

12 months later, Project Lifeline has raised over £110,000 and facilitated the delivery of over 20 more lorries full of aid to the region. But it hasn’t stopped there.  The project has purchased over 50 generators for homes and hospitals, fold up beds, maternity clothing, wheelchairs and mobility aids, laptops for children to continue studying, outdoor play equipment, water storage crates and so much more.

It has often been a physically and emotionally demanding journey, but their unparalleled passion, fierce determination and humility has brought comfort in the most desperate of times.

If you want to Donate please use the Donate button on our website.  All donations can be tracked and will be acknowledged.  Unfortunately our donation site does not allow us to claim Gift Aid directly and so if you are able to Gift Aid your donation please download the form below, complete it, scan it and email it back to   

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